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jmpromoOakey is part of the Darling Downs, a rich agricultural area, producing grain, cotton, oilseeds, and other crops. Cattle feedlots and grasslands supply two meat processors: Oakey Abattoir and Beef City. Grain merchants, stockfeed manufacturers and agricultural machinery manufacturers are all well established.

There are significant coal reserves in the region, with New Hope Coal operating the New Acland Coal Mine north of Oakey. Oakey is on the eastern edge of the Surat Basin, where the coal seam gas (CSG) industry is rapidly expanding.

Leyden Rise is a beautiful new estate built in a key location, positioned to take advantage of Oakey’s bright future. When you are considering where your children will call home we hope you will consider living in Leyden Rise in a Richard Adams Home that lasts a lifetime.

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"With 30 years experience and over 500 homes built in the Darling Downs, it's easy to see why more people trust Richard Adams Homes"

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